Saturday, 30 June 2012

Friday, 29 June 2012

Barton Perreira: Spring Summer 2012 Campaign

My Friday post is about Barton Perreira, designer of the ultimate luxurious eyewearline.

This Barton Perreira video is fabulous. In the opening, the model Christina wears one of the new Ribisi frames (which I LOVE) while pulling up in her 61 Austin Healey roadster. 

From there you watch scenes of getting to a destination by avoiding the hassle of having to fly commercial... while wearing some fierce shades of course. 

The campain concept was made Tim Cadiente & Barton Perreira, the music is "Oceans" by Puscifer and the Art Director is Juan Mendez. Enjoy!

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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Animal Instincts by Lennette Newell

The photographer in light today is the talented Lennette Newell with her ani-human Photography. 

She created a bizarre exhibit featuring naked models being covered with body paint to look just like wild animals. 

Lennette's daring pictures show models posing covered in paint as zebras, elephants, baboons and cheetahs next to their real life counterparts. 

The San Francisco photographer's display, called "Anti-Human" was devised out of Lennette's childhood desire to become one of the animals her father used to treat as a vet. 

Her strikingly colourful set aims to mark the difference between humans and wild animals.

Here with the model Jasmina painted in snakeskin style print while Daisy the 12ft Burmese phython is wrapped around her.

The same model covers herself in a bronzed light brown paint with black spots while sat behind Tango the beautiful cheetah.

One of her eye-catching pictures shows Jasmina painted in black and white next to a zebra, complete with black and white hair to accurately mimmick the majestic animal.

Another image shows another willing model, Kaela, posing in grey and brown paint, with a trunk painted down the centre of her body to replicate the appearance of Susie the African elephant next to her.

Really striking images, don't you think?

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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Interior Design of The Green Bistro

My today post is about the extraordinary interior design of the Green Bistro, the Cafe of Lengermann & Trieschmann Department Store in Osnabrück (Germany). It is the stunning realisation of of two architects Jörn Fröhlich and Siddik Erdogan.

Although the main focus for the interior design of the Green Bistro was to promote an organic vibe considering that this cafe clearly offers healthy and eco-friendly meals, I can’t help but get sidetracked by how surreal it looks.

The interior is filled with what appear to be stairs going nowhere and hypnotically undulating ceiling fixtures. They chose the materials as natural as possible. Natural Plywood boards are positioned spaced slats to form furniture and decoration. White chairs and tulip tables are the menu enhancer beauty of the kitchen interior design. The two architects have also taken care of harmonizing food displays, tray shelves, benches and tables with the central structure.

The Green Bistro does really end up with an organic feel. I especially like how harmonized everything is. 

Photos: via interiorword, here.

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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Original "Whale Vase" by Alessandro Bêda

I really love this whale flower vase concept from Alessandro Bêda, a portuguese industrial designer. This elegant flower vase would look fantastic on any desk. I like the black one shown above.

The jar/vase is split into two sections so technically, your whale can be as long as it wants. 

Bêda’s vase is still in the concept phase, but he is looking to have it produced and on the market. I hope that he will get lucky and find someone that will help him produce this vase, because the design looks very good, and would be great in any modern home.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort, Island of Crete

My today post is about the "Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort" which is brimming with luxury and life!

It is a 5-star deluxe hotel complex located on a private unique peninsula in Crete, surrounded by a luscious Botanical Park that captivates your senses with majestic Aegean views, extensive gardens, green pathways, ponds, cascades, a small river, 3 beaches and a private zoo. This is the very essence of a superb getaway, don't you think? 

The property features 3 private greenhouses and large cultivations where organically-grown fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers are produced and used in all our restaurants and bars. Hmmm...Thanks to their environmental protection plan, private zoo, beautiful park and production of various goods, the resort hotel complex has been awarded with the Hermes Awards 2002 for "Best Innovation in Terms of Environmental Protection".

Filmed on location at the Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort, "tu peux garder un secret" is a French movie that tells the story of Delphine, an office worker with a guilty secret that somehow manages to get out of control. The production stayed at the resort's ultra luxurious Black Pearl private residence where many of the scenes where shot for this hit comedy film.

Inspiring interior and exterior design seems to be the first thing that draws attention to this luxury resort, the next best thing is visiting it. I can see myself staying there, relaxing by a swimming pool, or following a secluded pathway in the colourful gardens... I am sure I will never want to leave!

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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Chanel Spring/Summer 2012 - The Aquatic Collection

For Chanel Spring/Summer 2012 show, Karl Lagerfeld created a breathtaking under-water world, complete with shells, rocks and coral all in white. WOWW!

He transformed the cavernous Grand Palais in Paris into a dazzling seabed covered in oversized clamshells, seaweed and translucent bubbles for his show.
The Backdrop of the Chanel Spring/Summer 2012 show

Evidently inspired by the underwater world and creatures, Karl’s vision shone through as his pieces were reflective of sea animals and flora against a set of blown up and all-white seashells and corals.

As the show begins, you see gorgeous layers of chiffon in blue, coral and sea green teamed with white jackets floating amongst the aquarium decor. 

The clothes reflected the colours and textures of fishes, corals and even seaweed. Yes, it's under the sea chic!

All the lightness and airiness of sea spray foam are presented in the tissues of dresses. This is a transparent chiffon, lace, lightweight knits and delicate texture of knitted dresses. Decorations in the form of numerous ruches and fringe reminiscent of the emerging wave on the sea surface. They playfully change their form, appear and dissolve in the water. Bulk-sleeves, rounded shoulder line, intricate draping and build on the bodice or waist area, on the skirts create a lightness and smoothness of the lines.

Each sea nymph has their hair slicked back and (almost) everyone is wearing flats. Yes, really. Take a gawp at those sci-fi metallic booties with black zips up the front.

Dress in white dominate the summer collection of clothes from Chanel. It seems that the designer wanted to convey the beauty of the merry waves that foam and create a white cloud in the sky-blue or blue water. Or maybe he wanted to convey the beauty of the gifts of water, which we see as a white pearl.

And look who's appeared! Yes, it's the fiery-haired Florence Welch positioned in a clam while singing “What the Water Gave Me”. Doesn't she look like a catwalking mermaid herself, swathed in glistening scales and monochrome tassles? We say yes.

Catch a glimpse of Karl’s vision of underwater inspired Chanel here:

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