Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Nature-Inspired of Tabcorp Marquee by Mim Design

My Tuesday post is about one stunning Interior design project realised by the creative firm Mim DesignFor Australia’s 2010 Tabcorp Spring Racing Carnival, the  firm was commissioned for the fourth year in a row to design the marquee for the occasion.

Mim adopted a nature-inspired theme and a truly organic approach, employing motifs that reference trelliswork and trees and keeping furnishings in the event space to a predominantly green palette.

It’s a dazzling standout and needless to say, I am always a wide-eyed fan of Mim’s creation.

Outfitted in a lighthearted manner with furnishings that include Eames chairs, modular sofas and ottomans, simple barstools, cagelike table bases, hanging shades, and mirrored walls, the space evoked a garden pavilion and provided the perfect spot for entertaining at the carnival.

Here is a thoroughly organic touch to the marquee, which is also planted with verdant greenery that brings a hint of the outdoors into the space.


The series of mirrored walls also help enhance the abundance of natural light, which is also a key that gives the overall interior a breezy atmosphere.

The ceiling repeats the treelike pattern that is found on the building’s façade, with an abstract design of flowering trees and branches. The building itself exuded a sense of intrigue and mystery while balancing high style with luxurious comforts, which was crucial for the venue.

Photos: via here

I hope you enjoy this commercial design as much as I did.

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Friday, 13 July 2012

Photo of the Day: Grey Heron Silhouette

My stunning picture on this Friday is about a grey heron silhouette at sunset taken by Justin Sneddon in Horubadhoo, Maldives.

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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Animal Cereals Bowls - Geraldine De Beco

Would like to eat your cereals out of these bowl each morning? I love them very much. 

These positively stunning bowls were created by the French designer Geraldine De Beco for the porcelain company Bernardaud.

She really created a cool series of ceramic breakfast bowls which have a cute little surprise when filled with liquid. The bowls look really strange while empty, but once you fill them with milk, yogurt or any solid color liquid, the form of an animal magically appears.

You can choose from three different animals: a cat, a wolf or a bird. However, don’t let your kids see these! Pretty amazing, huh? Unfortunately, it costs 240€ a piece! 

They are available through one of Bernardaud’s points of sale. I can’t find these for sale online anywhere.

Photos: cubeme

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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Photo of the Day - A Field of Flamingoes

My stunning picture of the day is about this group of Flamingoes resting near the Lake Natron at the foot of Ol Doinyo Lengai in Tanzania. The picture has been taken by Tony Garumba.

Peter Pilotto - The 'Indonesian' Spring/ Summer Collection

My Fashion post of today is about the Fashion Designer, Peter Pilotto and Indonesia. Yes! it was about indonesia :-) A trip to Indonesia along with pacific island and water world controlled the atmosphere of Peter Pilotto Spring/Summer Collection 2012.

The designer said the collection is “an incredible journey that gave us the opportunity to experience the awesome natural environment of java, the lush jungles, the tea, coffee, cacao, and clove plantations, and to see the volcanic craters and sulphuric plumes of smoke first-hand”. 

And all of this erupted out into his signature dresses, this time comprised from landscapes of fauna and leaf print in neon shades to create a psychedelic nod to flower power. 

The designer is known for his original prints. This time, the prints were vivid and eye-catching with those surreal undersea patterns, tropical flowers, jungle shapes and volcano shades.

Skirt shapes on their classic dresses were stronger and built out into pouffy clouds like ball gown or prom dresses, or boasted peplum cascades to create a volume we were not so familiar seeing from them. It was a fitting match for the bold and bright prints beneath. 

I hope you'll enjoy his collection as much as I did!

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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Photo of the Day: White Tiger Eating

Tiger Eating

This is an extraodinary photo of Omar, a magnificient white tiger, taken by Iyan Xavier at the Singapore Zoo. 

Credit: via here

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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Stunning 3D Illustrations by Erwin Kho

Erwin Kho is my featured artist of the day. He is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. He specializes in Graphic Design, illustration and Digital Art.

His work can best be described as having a warm clean look with an eye for detail and nuance. Erwin has worked for both national and international clients, including: Archis, BNA, Delta Lloyd, Ernest & Young, FIP, Heineken Netherlands, NIBC, Nike Europe. 

To find out more about Erwin, check out here. Really love his beautiful and very stylish fine 3D illustrations!

And his character designs never cease to amaze me! Some illustrations are about ecology, roots, the world or islands...Hmmm...All the themes I LOVE!

My favorite illustration is the map of Thailand. What's yours?

Have a breezy day,