Thursday, 22 June 2017

Feel the Breeze

These days I am a bit obsessed with the word "Breeze"... :-P. I gathered my favorites pictures in this theme and I am sharing them with you now. Enjoy!

Beach Breeze

Night Breeze

Ocean Breeze

Petals Breeze

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Why M Exotic Breeze and Breeze Me?

It took me a while before finding the right name for my business, a name in line with my concept. I had so many possibilities... 
I am so happy now I found the cool Breeze Me :-)

'Exotic breeze' is the name of an orchid, always called ‘singapore’ orchid.
As you may know orchids are the most popular exotic plants. The reason for this is many people think they are simply the most beautiful exotic plant in the world.
I love them so much: so gorgeous, stylish, elegant and colorful.

Breeze is the wind... so exotic breeze would also mean something exotic, floating in the air and brought to your door.
M is the initial of my first name and also the pronunciation  in French of the verb 'Love' (aime).

However, I thought M exotic Breeze was not that catchy to remember, so I just moved the words a bit; i.e. I put the noun Breeze first then M and E to together (for exotic) at the end. I personally think the result is brilliant for the shop.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Original Bird Feather Art by Chris Maynard

We sometimes like to think of ourselves as good crafter. But our skills can be seriously questioned by the talented artist Chris Maynard

His amazing work is about of gorgeous feathers that have been cut and altered into the shape of the bird that had shed them.

He uses fine-eye surgery tools and magnifying glasses to achieve the extreme detail of each creation. All of the feathers used come from private aviaries and zoos. 

On his website, Feather Folio, Maynard writes “feathers are a pinnacle of achievement of life in their form, function, and beauty. After feathers perform their functions on birds, they are molted yearly but keep their beauty and complexity. I want to show feathers in a different light, off the bird. I enjoy highlighting aspects of a feather’s form, pattern or color.”

In total, he has created more than 80 extremely detailed works of feather art. As unique as every bird, each one of Maynard’s pieces is an original that cannot be duplicated. 

Images from here

He hopes that seeing birds in a different light through his artwork will encourage appreciation of avian life and hence a desire to conserve it. very nice thoughts...

Have a breezy Monday,