Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort, Island of Crete

My today post is about the "Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort" which is brimming with luxury and life!

It is a 5-star deluxe hotel complex located on a private unique peninsula in Crete, surrounded by a luscious Botanical Park that captivates your senses with majestic Aegean views, extensive gardens, green pathways, ponds, cascades, a small river, 3 beaches and a private zoo. This is the very essence of a superb getaway, don't you think? 

The property features 3 private greenhouses and large cultivations where organically-grown fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers are produced and used in all our restaurants and bars. Hmmm...Thanks to their environmental protection plan, private zoo, beautiful park and production of various goods, the resort hotel complex has been awarded with the Hermes Awards 2002 for "Best Innovation in Terms of Environmental Protection".

Filmed on location at the Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort, "tu peux garder un secret" is a French movie that tells the story of Delphine, an office worker with a guilty secret that somehow manages to get out of control. The production stayed at the resort's ultra luxurious Black Pearl private residence where many of the scenes where shot for this hit comedy film.

Inspiring interior and exterior design seems to be the first thing that draws attention to this luxury resort, the next best thing is visiting it. I can see myself staying there, relaxing by a swimming pool, or following a secluded pathway in the colourful gardens... I am sure I will never want to leave!

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