Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Chanel Spring/Summer 2012 - The Aquatic Collection

For Chanel Spring/Summer 2012 show, Karl Lagerfeld created a breathtaking under-water world, complete with shells, rocks and coral all in white. WOWW!

He transformed the cavernous Grand Palais in Paris into a dazzling seabed covered in oversized clamshells, seaweed and translucent bubbles for his show.
The Backdrop of the Chanel Spring/Summer 2012 show

Evidently inspired by the underwater world and creatures, Karl’s vision shone through as his pieces were reflective of sea animals and flora against a set of blown up and all-white seashells and corals.

As the show begins, you see gorgeous layers of chiffon in blue, coral and sea green teamed with white jackets floating amongst the aquarium decor. 

The clothes reflected the colours and textures of fishes, corals and even seaweed. Yes, it's under the sea chic!

All the lightness and airiness of sea spray foam are presented in the tissues of dresses. This is a transparent chiffon, lace, lightweight knits and delicate texture of knitted dresses. Decorations in the form of numerous ruches and fringe reminiscent of the emerging wave on the sea surface. They playfully change their form, appear and dissolve in the water. Bulk-sleeves, rounded shoulder line, intricate draping and build on the bodice or waist area, on the skirts create a lightness and smoothness of the lines.

Each sea nymph has their hair slicked back and (almost) everyone is wearing flats. Yes, really. Take a gawp at those sci-fi metallic booties with black zips up the front.

Dress in white dominate the summer collection of clothes from Chanel. It seems that the designer wanted to convey the beauty of the merry waves that foam and create a white cloud in the sky-blue or blue water. Or maybe he wanted to convey the beauty of the gifts of water, which we see as a white pearl.

And look who's appeared! Yes, it's the fiery-haired Florence Welch positioned in a clam while singing “What the Water Gave Me”. Doesn't she look like a catwalking mermaid herself, swathed in glistening scales and monochrome tassles? We say yes.

Catch a glimpse of Karl’s vision of underwater inspired Chanel here:

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