Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Interior Design of The Green Bistro

My today post is about the extraordinary interior design of the Green Bistro, the Cafe of Lengermann & Trieschmann Department Store in Osnabrück (Germany). It is the stunning realisation of of two architects Jörn Fröhlich and Siddik Erdogan.

Although the main focus for the interior design of the Green Bistro was to promote an organic vibe considering that this cafe clearly offers healthy and eco-friendly meals, I can’t help but get sidetracked by how surreal it looks.

The interior is filled with what appear to be stairs going nowhere and hypnotically undulating ceiling fixtures. They chose the materials as natural as possible. Natural Plywood boards are positioned spaced slats to form furniture and decoration. White chairs and tulip tables are the menu enhancer beauty of the kitchen interior design. The two architects have also taken care of harmonizing food displays, tray shelves, benches and tables with the central structure.

The Green Bistro does really end up with an organic feel. I especially like how harmonized everything is. 

Photos: via interiorword, here.

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