Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Eternal Jungle by Zim & Zou

My today post is about this very creative window installation for Hermes store in Hong Kong. 

The Hermès brand has worked hard to earn its world-renowned reputation for enchanting window displays. They reaffirmed their excellent record with this original vitrine at the Hong Kong International Airport, an amazing project made by a 3D creative studio in France, Zim & Zou.

The French artists/designers, Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann were given carte blanche to fill the space as they pleased, after the brand Hermès saw their masterful “Cabinet de Curiosités” project, a series of intricately detailed birds, insects, and animals made primarily from paper.

The result, the "Eternal Jungle", is an invitation into the wild. The window installation creates an intriguing contrast between the jungle, an unpredictable rainforest, a World that is dominated by wild animals; and the hyper-controlled environment of the store behind it, the World of Hermès. Very clever concept! The window is also influenced by the abundance of vegetation in Hong Kong.

The figures, which could be found in a real jungle, instead exist amid the fast paced urban jungle of Hong Kong.

Zim & Zou's work really shows that the level of craftsmanship involved mirrors that of Hermès products.

The installation displays the finest skills in paper-cut art and leatherwork! Remaining faithful to its original purity, the Studio created intricate objects with the paper, a material both beautiful and versatile.  

The 'Monkey', 'Toucan', and 'Chameleon' are all handcrafted and brought to life with leather offcuts carefully selected from the Hermès workshops. Their paper and leather cut installation has the cartoonish quality of a stop motion film while retaining the signature refinement of the brand. 

Thousands of tiny pebbled leather triangles compose a hairy swinging monkey, a parrot with wings outstretched, and a lurking chameleon. It took 200 hours to create one animal! 

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Outstanding pieces of Art! What do you think?

For more of Zim&Zou you can go here.

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