Friday, 15 February 2013

Creative Portrait Photography by Vilde Indrehus

For this weekend, I wanted to post about this very young but talented photographer: Vilde Indrehus.

Vilde is a 17 year old photographer from Norway, she has been serious about photography about a year now and by her own words is addicted. Her photos have a kind of “Instagram” look, and are very romantic. 

Inspired by the forest, the ocean and the nature, she took the emotional shots to express her extreme love of her homeland.

She said: "the things that no one else notices are the things that I love the most: a graveyard, rain, garbage and clouds are examples of things that inspire me. Especially clouds! Everything is so damn beautiful. I want to photograph everything I see. And when I say everything, I totally mean it. I love how photography makes me see this world just as beautiful as it is. And it somehow confuses me that I’m the only one I know that think of it that way."

Her photography style is wonderous and intimately exploratory of a young person connecting with her natural surroundings.

Images from here

Just love her stunning pictures about her natural surroundings!

You can also visit her facebook page here
What are your thoughts on these?

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