Thursday, 6 September 2012

Rug Love - Peacock Rug by Matthew Williamson

I love peacocks AND I love rugs. So a post about both love made sense to me...

I am sure you all agree rugs can change the feel of any room. They can also be used to define spaces and bring a burst of colour and style to any room. Using rugs creatively can further enhance the personality of any area.

I fell in love with the Peacock Rug designed by Mathew Williamson. The British designer is known for his uniquely bright and intricately detailed aesthetic. He has designed two delicately patterned rugs called Peacock Dark and Peacock Light for the London-based The Rug Company.

Similarly elegant in design to Mathew's fashion collections, the rugs feature over scaled peacock feathers with vibrant flashes of lime and fuchsia mixed with rich tones of deep blues and charcoal.

Hand knotted in wool and silk, and crafted in the most traditional way by skilled artisans, these pretty designs exemplify what The Rug Company has become known for: Beautiful, Handmade, Original rug designs that are made to last forever...

While outside of the "affordable" range, I think these gorgeous rugs are very high-quality and will last for years and years with proper care. 

Which rug would you choose? I can't decide for myself! Both are just perfect!

Images: The Rug Company

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  1. Hi love the rug amazing. If you go to theres a Matthew Williamson scarf for sale.


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