Sunday, 26 August 2012

Floyd’s Pelican Bar in Jamaica

Let's drink and eat at Floyd's Pelican Bar on this beautiful Sunday, shall we? Old school Jamaica come to life, Floyd's is a tiny homemade thatch-roofed shack on thin wood pylons on a sandbar surrounded by water. It is located offshore on a sand bank about a quarter mile out to sea and a 20 minute boat ride. It looks like ruins and not a bar at all – however, believe it or not it is one of the finest bars in Jamaica. 

Photos via Flickr.

This one of a kind restaurant has the freshest seafood available which is caught and made to order as you wait. Try the lobster served in ginger sauce over rice or the fried fish with a traditional Jamaican beverage like Red Stripe alongside it.

This exotic place is a truly unique and memorable experience, and a must see!

Have a breezy Sunday,

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