Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Chinese 'Road to Heaven', Tian Men Shan

I must say Tianmen Mountain in Hunan Province, just south of Zhangjiajie City (previously known as Dayong City) is an absolutely ‘must see’ scenic area!

But...to get there, you drive up Tongtian Avenue (Avenue toward Heaven), which has 99 turns, symbolizing that Heaven has nine palaces. Then you take the Tianan stairs (also known as Tianti, or the Celestial/Heaven Reaching Ladder), all 999 steps and there's no platforms for stopping. Hmmm...heaven??

Alternatively, you can take the cable car straight from the city, which they claim is the longest cableway in the world with a distance of 7455 meters and a height gap of 1279 meters. Hallelujah!

This Chinese "Road to Heaven" is like a white dragon lying on the mountains, it is regarded as the most amazing mountain road in the world.The mountain road is only less than 11 kilometers but the elevation rises rapidly from 200 meters to 1300 meters. I read that it took eight years to finish with work starting in 1998, and finishing in 2006!

This incredible road is mainly used for mountain bike cycle races, definitely it is interesting and exiting to ride bicycle at Tianmenshan, and bicycle lovers would focus more on the beautiful sceneries along the road and the challenge to conquer such a mountain distance. (Note to myself: I am not sure if I will take my bike there though...scary!)

Photos via bestphotosite

If anyone ever made a hit parade on such roads, I think this Chinese road would be at the top of the list, don't you think?

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