Sunday, 13 January 2013

Photo of the Day: Weedy Sea Dragon

Image from here.

My photo of this Sunday is about this fascinating male weedy sea dragon with his eggs taken by Richard Wylie.

As you may know, sea dragons are marine fishes that are found in water around the southern coastline of Australia. There are 2 types of Sea dragons: the Weedy and the Leafy Sea Dragon.

As with sea horses, sea dragon males are responsible for childbearing. The male sea dragons have a spongy brood patch on the underside of the tail where females deposit their bright-pink eggs during mating.

They are some of the most ornately camouflaged creatures on the planet. Adorned with soft sheer leaf-shaped appendages over their entire bodies, they are perfectly outfitted to blend in with the seaweed and kelp formations that they live amongst. Unfortunately they are still at risk due to habitat destruction.

Such an intriguing and majestic creature, don't you think?

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