Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Marina Cano: A Woman In Love With The Wild

My photographer in light today is the award winning landscape and wildlife photographer, Marina Cano. 

One look through her exquisite portfolio, and we are convinced that the bounds of love are not bounds at all but rather a shared experience among beasts of all shapes and sizes, extending from the photographer herself to the very creatures who images she captures so beautifully. 

From the delicate portrait of a mountain gorilla gazing at her newborn infant to the intimate trunk nuzzling of African elephants, Cano’s animal photography elicits from its audience a sense that, in nature, love is the very core of existence. 

She said she has "a special commitment with the planet and their threatened wildlife and hope her work can touch people’s hearts. Photographers usually say that they ‘capture’ images, but for me the opposite is true. Animals have captured me.”

Marina’s comprehensive portfolio has been exposed close to master photographer Steve Bloom, and her brilliant photos had become a powerful environmentalism weapon.

Photos: by Marina Cano

For more of her work, you can visit her website here.

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