Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Exotic Sea Life Photography by Mark Laita

My photographer in light today is the talented photographer, Mark Laita. 

His latest photo series takes us underwater into the world of exotically mysterious and beautifully coloured sea life. Titled his 'Sea' collection, his eye-catching sea creature photography is able to wonderfully bring underwater sea creatures to life with the use of bold neon colours. 

Set against a blank, black backdrop, these fish and various forms of aquatic organisms pop with color, radiating a liveliness through the crystal clear water that spotlights their unique personalities. 

Mark captures everything from star fish to jelly fish, and showcases their exotic and diverse colors. What better way to showcase what lies within the deep blue sea then by beautifully capturing the bold and striking colors of marine life!

If you enjoy these photos, you probably want to check his photo book about the marine life on Amazon.

Images from here.

These are some truly amazing photos about marine life. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did! 

For more of his work, you can also visit his website here.

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