Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Under the Sea Trend: Corail Table Lamp by Maison Charles

I was looking for the perfect Table lamp with a touch of nature for my bedroom then I came across the famous pieces of Maison Charles.

I really like the modernity, the unlimited range of colours and the coral sculptures (made of nickel or gold bronze) of these lamps. Seriously, look at the perfect imperfection of the branch coral!

All Images were from select-interiormarket.com.

One-hundred years of know-how combined with dedication to beauty are what make the Charles collection exceptional!
Its luxury is expressed in minute details and is created using meticulous processes intrinsic to fine jewellery. The surface processing is performed by hand, piece by piece, passing from one bath to the next, without the limitations of time, by the meticulous care of true craftsmen. 

The delicate work is scoured, polished, re-worked, cleansed and varnished until the desired tint has been achieved.

This is the price of perfection. An obsession to detail leading to an impeccable product... 

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