Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Wildlife Photography By Nikolai Zinoviev

My photographer in light today is the Russian photographer Nikolai Zinoviev, with his marvellous wildlife photos. He photographs for both companies and individuals who like to see wild nature and its inhabitants in their daily living and work environments.

Most of us live in places completely altered by civilization, territories of hundreds of square miles where there’s no place left for nature as it existed thousands years ago and for wild species, that once populated these vast territories. Nikolai’s mission is to bring wildlife into people’s homes and workplaces through his photographs, to make them feel the importance of preserving of what is left of it on Earth. 

He said: 'I dreamt a lot about taking a long trip in Africa to experience the savanna’s wild beauty'. Hmmmm I love that dream! 

Nikolai Zinoviev's website:

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