Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A little Magic in the Trees

Let's look for a little magic in the trees, space for imagination & play...
High in the tree tops in a quiet tucked away serene area, we will find a lovely tree house that is closer to nature than we will ever be. Sit quietly on the deck and view the splendour of nature as we have a view of the gods watching bucks, birds and monkeys at play. Yes!

My tree house by Claire

Many years pass but still the tree house stays never has it broke sturdy and strong it remains. I played in it when I was young and now on there plays my son, just as happy as it made me to play in that little wooden house nestled in the tree.

What excitement I felt climbing the ladders on the tree. Id play in their all day and only leave when mother would call me for tea. Sometimes id ask her if I could take it to my house and if she were in good mood shed let me no doubt.

Everything changes including the world and myself but that little tree house just stays as it were never seems to rot or break away and fall. There it stays strong with such intrigue to say its small.

I will never forget those long summer nights me and my friends giving each other the frights, telling stories of ghosts and creatures that bite.

Now I see my son with his friends in the tree and just like me and my friends having fun he will be. 

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