Tuesday, 11 October 2011

On the Beach

A Walk by Sea
Low tide reflections
Early morning on the Island
I love the artist, Sally Swatland. Her paintings of young children playing on the beaches are tinged with a sense of nostalgia that reminds us of a bygone time, when a day at the beach offered respite from the busyness of daily life. 

September Afternoon
The connecticut Shore
The Sand Dollar
Her sensitive images evoke the reminiscences of a period when life was uncomplicated and happiness was found in the simplest of activities. This is just one of the aspects of Sally’s work that audiences are drawn to - the sense that through her pictures one can retreat into the past.

The Oyster Shell
Sunday Morning
The Shore of Long Island
Summer Days
Summer on Plum Island
Her light-filled palette of rich colors also expresses the richness of a flowering garden and the breeze of a summer day.

High Tide
Playing in the Tidal Pools
By the Sea
Early Summer Day
On the coast

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