Thursday, 11 August 2011

A beautiful Trip to London

London Town Poem by Jor Leou

London is a busy town,
A capital with a queen and crown,
With a huge glass wheel called the London Eyes,
And a big brick clock called the Big Ben by,
A stone made statue of Napolean,
Brave and stern,
And a football stadium with tickets to earn.
A shopaholic high street
With a huge bargain signs,
And a big choice of businesses of all the kinds,
An angry and serious prime minister called Gordon Brown,
Who lives on downing street in London town,
A huge range of schools for children here,
And restaurants or cafes or pubs if you want beer,
An oriental place with shops to buy and things to eat called Chinese centre in China town,
So come on down to the busy place know as the capital London town.

There are so many magnificient sights I love in London...Enjoy!

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